A summary of the life of cecil blount demille

When used to describe the films of one director, they are accurate. More than any filmmaker in the history of the medium, Cecil B. DeMille mastered the art of the spectacle. In the process, he became a filmland founder.

A summary of the life of cecil blount demille

Like v VV17 Mar 21, This is one of the best films ever made!

A summary of the life of cecil blount demille

The actors, sets, and script are sensational! Every family should watch this film! It is a partial remake of his silent film of the same title, and features one of the largest sets ever created for a film.

At the time of its release on November 8,it was the most expensive film made. The parting of the Red Sea was considered the most difficult special effect ever performed up to that time.

This effect took about six months of VistaVision filming, and combined scenes shot on the shores of the Red Sea in Egypt, with scenes filmed at Paramount Studios in Hollywood of a huge water tank split by a U-shaped trough, into which approximatelygallons of water were released from the sides, as well as the filming of a giant waterfall also built on the Paramount backlot to create the effect of the walls of the parted sea out of the turbulent backwash.

It looks quite amazing.

Empire of dreams : the epic life of Cecil B. DeMille - Missouri Evergreen He grew up in Washington, North Carolina. His father started his career as a playwright, writing his first play at the age of
Cecil B. DeMille Filmography Biography Overview Cecil Blount DeMille was a founder of the Hollywood motion-picture industry, one of the most commercially successful producer-directors of his time, and one of the most influential filmmakers in history. Between andhe made seventy feature films; all but seven were profitable.
Record Details DeMille lived a life as epic as any of his cinematic masterpieces. As a child DeMille learned the Bible from his father, a theology student and playwright who introduced Cecil and his older brother, William, to the theater.
The Art of the Hollywood Epic Between andhe made a total of 70 features, both silent and sound films.

You should see it with your own eyes. But, Holy Mother of God! From some of the most laughable dialogue under the sun to the blatancy of director, Cecil B.

A summary of the life of cecil blount demille

With this being an "Old Testament" story, any references one might expect to mercy, justice and charity in this particular biblical tale are clearly out of place here.

When I watched this film as a naive child, I was mesmerized, thinking it to be really spectacular comic-book fare. But, now, seeing it as an adult, it was just very, very bad and ridiculous comic-book fare.

The Ten Commandments was well-crafted, hokey, wooden, hypocritical, and garish junk. Only the most naive, starry-eyed fool would take this film and its preposterous religious message at face value.

The Ten Commandments gets a 2-star rating solely for the sake of art.Dec 31,  · Cecil Blount DeMille (August 12, – January 21, ) was an American filmmaker.

Between and , he made seventy features, both silent and sound films. He is acknowledged as a founding father of the Hollywood film industry, and the most commercially successful producer-director in cinema history. Cecil B. DeMille biography, pictures, credits,quotes and more Pioneer movie director and producer best known for his Biblical and hi.

DeMille (De Mille) Cecil Blount ( - ), American film director, screenwriter, producer. In , his debut on Broadway. In , together with J.

Cecil B. DeMille

Laski and C. Goldwyn organized company 'Jesse Lasky Feature Play Company' and put it to his first film 'Indian Male' (). Summary. Cecil Blount DeMille was an American filmmaker.

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The Unconquered (Paramount) is Cecil Blount DeMille's florid, $5,,, Technicolored celebration of Gary Cooper's virility, Paulette Goddard's femininity and the American Frontier Spirit.

The movie is getting such stentorian ballyhoo that a lot of cinemagoers are likely to think less of it than.

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