Abortion there is no excuse

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Abortion there is no excuse

But the fact that it is technically illegal under the constitution is just one issue that still stirs debate. All abortion is technically illegal Abortion remains technically illegal according to the " Grundgesetz " the German Constitution.

But there are circumstances in which a woman can get an abortion without facing legal consequence.

If abortion is made illegal women will die in back alleys :: Catholic News Agency

These exceptions came into law in for a united Germany. The Grundgestz Constitution of the former West Germany. There is no time limit for a late abortion, which can theoretically be carried out up until shortly before the baby is born.

Furthermore, if prenatal tests identify the foetus as disabled or seriously ill, a late abortion is allowed under German law.

Abortion there is no excuse

This particular rule was raised in September by a teenager with Down Syndrome. One party campaigning to get into the Bundestag is against abortion One of the more controversial parties in German politics, the far-right Alternative for Germany AfDare firmly pro-life and intend to make abortion as difficult as possible in order to protect the life of unborn children if they are given more power.

Nevertheless, abortion is not a key issue in German politics. The two largest parties, the CDU and the SPD, have not made recent statements on the issue, nor have they debated abortion during election campaigning.

Some groups are still campaigning for abortion to be illegal Aside from political parties, there are still many pro-life groups in Germany who campaign for abortion to be made illegal. Last year 7, people, mainly Christians, turned up to march in the capital city.

The Catholic church of Germany has neglected to comment recently on the issue, although the Pope's comments last year condemning abortion make it clear that the Catholic church remains adamantly pro-life.

The Protestant Church has by implication given its consent to the woman's right to choose.

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In it released a statement saying that it supported compulsory counselling before a planned abortion. It stressed though, that the counselling should make clear that there are alternatives that would allow the child to still be born.Culpable Ignorance: You Have No Excuse for Not Knowing What Abortion Is.

Denny Burk writes “The third video exposing Planned Parenthood was just released today (see below). It is the worst one yet as it depicts the actual carnage of abortion. Apr 29,  · The best excuse for having an abortion, in my opinion, is in the case of a therapeutic abortion where there is a greater than a fifty percent chance that the life of the mother or unborn child is alphabetnyc.com: Resolved.

While mother and child are the first victims, there is not a single element of society that is not affected by abortion. Mother, child, father, husband, aunt, uncle, friend, sibling and grandparent alike suffer the scars of the abortionist’s scalpel.

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I have no excuse or explanation for my actions.” After being charged in the case in , Patel skipped out on a $, bond and became a fugitive until his arrest in New York.

Claim: "Planned Parenthood is the biggest abortion provider in the country."True.

Culpable Ignorance: You have no excuse for not knowing what abortion is. | Denny Burk