Innocence and simplicity of the children in literature and the negative effects of racism

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Innocence and simplicity of the children in literature and the negative effects of racism

Introduction This article is primarily intended to provide information and support for adult survivors of child sexual abuse who experienced penetrative contact. A secondary aim is to give information that may facilitate understanding for people who support survivors of child rape.

While all child sexual abuse is serious, there are some specific problems associated with rape. I wrote this article because, while we see that there are many articles and webpages available about child sexual abuse in general, it is more difficult to find information that narrows the focus to rape.

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A Google-search of the words child rape tends to throw up links about arrested offenders and specific parts of the world in which child rape is sadly endemic, but relatively little on the subject itself. I am a survivor of repeated oral rape as a child of four, and later between the ages of eight and ten, multiple types of rape by a close family friend.

Innocence and simplicity of the children in literature and the negative effects of racism

If the earlier assaults were bad, the later were most terrifying ordeals; I thought he would kill me. I often felt that I would not survive the next time. The despair and entrapment I sometimes felt caused me to think about suicide. But I am extremely thankful that my life-spirit was stronger.

While I have made a success of healing in many ways, the memory of these episodes has proven intensely traumatic at certain stages of my life, as I know that they do for other survivors. It can be comforting to find material that fits our experiences.

This article is my contribution to support and understanding for survivors of these gross and terrible inflictions who may be looking for something specific. I have been approached countless times and asked how it is possible to survive and be strong.

This article is in part an answer to that question. Having said that, I would by no means classify myself as always able to deal perfectly well with these aspects of my history.

But, generally speaking, I have worked hard to heal some of the more grievous aspects of child-rape survival. I would like to share this with you.

This article is a synthesis of research by others, knowledge I have acquired over twenty-two years of supporting survivors, and how I have come to understand my own experiences — both of child rape, and the aftermath.

If you are a man or woman who was raped as a child, I am so sorry, but so glad you survived. I hope this article will help you to feel less alone. Pull up a chair, and please, if you would like to, accept a supportive hug from me. Definitions Perhaps when you were a child, somebody close to your age, or an adult man or woman, penetrated your mouth, vagina or anus with a penis, finger, tongue or object.

Boys may have been forced into having oral or vaginal intercourse with a woman — or to penetrate a man. Or, you may have been threatened and forced with violence.

It may have happened once or many times, maybe with different offenders — or more than one offender at the same time. These things are all rape, and if you are a man or woman who experienced it, you may still be carrying a lot of pain.

Context Child rape can happen in any context. Children are raped in organized paedophile rings, in the making of child sexual abuse images and films, or in one-on one settings by a parent or other relative, family friend, church leader, babysitter or in fewer cases, strangers.

It is a heartbreaking truth that children may be made available by their own parents for rape by other adults. Offenders are usually male — though by no means exclusively — and one study specifically about child-rape found that non-related but known perpetrators - such as family friends, comprise the largest group of offenders Saunders, Kilpatrick, Hanson, Resnick and Walker, p.

Innocence and simplicity of the children in literature and the negative effects of racism

How common is child rape? Child rape in places like South Africa has been called epidemic see below for articles. We should support bodies addressing this tragedy, but we should not be complacent about the incidence of child rape in affluent Western societies.Racism in the workplace happens in various forms and the effects it has on the victim are more than negative, as these effects can seriously affect the victim’s day to day life.

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Even so, specialists believe that racism in schools is even more dangerous. Children make up about one fourth of the United States population. These children are the next generation of America’s political leaders.

Therefore, the more knowledge children acquire, the more they will contribute to the development of society. A GUIDE TO WRITING ABOUT LITERATURE 1. CHAPTER 1 explored in literature, a character’s loss of innocence, appears in the biblical story tween parents and children, the clash between civilization and the wilderness, the evils of unchecked ambition, the inevitability of fate, the impact of the past.

Racial justice activists put blood, sweat, and tears into advocating for justice for victims of color, and their voices help bring attention to the truth about racism. Unfortunately, many of us have to filter through bias to hear activist voices, too.

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Jesus moves from rebuking the effects of patriarchy on married parents, to in turn discuss children. The children are held back from Jesus because of their marginal position in society and in the family.

The novel has remained a steadfast choice by school districts over the decades as the themes it touches, from racism to social injustice, have proven to be timeless elements of American history.

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