Kenya national security strategy

Kenya Strategic Security Environment written by David Goldman January 17, National security is intimately tied to the integrity of a nation and the realization of the collective aspirations of its citizenry. National security ensures the survival of the republic and the delivery of critical services. It is quite commendable that the Government of Kenya GoK has utilized the following four legitimate vectors to maintain national security:

Kenya national security strategy

This is an activity that I have been contemplating, and wish to thank Cabinet Secretary Raychelle Omamo for bringing the idea into to fruition.

Kenya national security strategy

We are here to begin a critical conversation on the identification, articulation and pursuit of Kenya's national security interests. There is no higher calling or responsibility that exists for us as the top public servants than to lead efforts to secure our people's lives, property, the country's territorial integrity, and the defence of our constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, on which is premised every other economic, social and political aspirations we have as Kenyans.

As provided for in our constitution, our people can participate in governance and help with security. But, Ladies and Gentlemen make no mistake: This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what will reaffirm the identity, place and value of what is Kenya and secure the future of this nation for its people, as well as its position among the community of nations.

The depth and honesty of our discussion today is critical if we are to arrive at the envisaged collective clarity. To this end, I want to provoke our thinking by posing some fundamental challenges.

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At first glance, national security interests appear to be easily identifiable, but allow me to probe deeper as we get underway with this workshop. Before we can list the threats, as is so often the case, we must begin by fundamentally understanding our role as a government in securing the republic.

From this will flow the ability to direct all the elements of national power and the state in an effective, deliberate and focused manner. At the core of national security is the identification of threats and then the decisions and actions to pre-empt them, manage them or survive them, if necessary, without negatively impacting the state and nation of Kenya.

The very existence of Kenya today is testament to how threat was perceived and dealt with, by our forefathers before we became a colony. In the late s in what was to be Kenya, there existed diverse communities under different forms of government.

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Some, but certainly not all, had encountered the British commercial interests then allowed to exploit the entity known as the East Africa Protectorate which had been carved up like a cake at a European conference in Berlin in Formal colonization followed inless than a century ago.

These communities all had different means to defend themselves through armed force; they all had territories that they defended either violently or through other forms of engagement with their neighbours. What did they perceive to be the threat then that they would one day come under the violent and racist rule of a King thousands miles away?

How did their systems of governance respond to what we know today was a looming threat to their independence? I ask these fundamental questions because while their responses were varied, with some immediately taking to the battlefield, and others seeking different accommodation with the colonizing forces, they all eventually became part of colonial Kenya.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We must take this evocation of threat and bring it to the present day. Some of you are members of my cabinet while others serve under me as their Commander in Chief. Our forefathers may not have written down most of their constitutions, but like us they had constitutional order.

Like them, we have a constitution to defend, a people to protect, and a world of threats that we must identify, prioritise and act on.

National Cyber Security Strategy

Like them, there are those who wish to exploit, dominate and destroy us, whether for commercial or ideological benefit.FNSS Food and Nutrition Security Strategy GoK Government of Kenya HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus development of this National Nutrition Action Plan (NNAP) provides practical guidance to implementation through Kenya National Fortification Alliance and the following government and non-governmental.

The Kenya National Cyber Security Strategy. Build national capability by raising cyber security awareness and developing Kenya’s workforce to address cybersecurity needs. Foster information sharing and collaboration among relevant stakeholders to facilitate an information sharing environment focused on achieving the strategy’s goals and objectives.

Delegation from National Defence College follow the proceedings at the high level seminar on National Security Strategy at Kenya School of Government Amb. Raychelle Omamo and Chief of the Defence Forces General (Dr) Julius Karangi having a discussion on National Security Strategy at the Kenya School of Government.

Kenya’s security, the national security policy formulation process and an assessment of the impact of the various national security policy choices.

The study has been guided by three research questions namely; 1) What are the factors that have. It is a pleasure for me to join you today for this high level seminar on national security strategy. This is an activity that I have been contemplating, and wish to thank Cabinet Secretary.

High Level Seminar On National Security Strategy.