Project description master thesis in finance

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Project description master thesis in finance

Identification of a research problem and development of a research question Thematic formulation of a problem and development of a solution through application of scientific methods. Independence in handling the research problem throughout the assessment and discussions with the advisor on methodological and content issues in solving a research question.

Completion of a comprehensive assignment where the students deal with a theoretical and practice-oriented problem in their area of specialisation by drawing on scientific work methods. Learning Outcomes The students have gained a broad and well-grounded knowledge in their specialised area and are able to independently increase that knowledge to the current level of research.

They are able to collect, evaluate data and make judgments relating to relevant information even when the decisively relevant information is only partially available.

In doing so, they independently apply the relevant research and investigative methods of the discipline. With their master thesis, they prove that they have developed an understanding of the findings and research processes relating to the discipline. The students apply methods and procedures to generate data, to process and to illustrate it in order to gain information and to produce new insights.

The students apply professional skills, insights, abilities and techniques to solve exacting research problems. By doing so, they exhibit originality and creativity in the application of knowledge. Within the framework of the master's thesis they illustrate the methodological procedure and the findings in such a manner that they can be comprehended and evaluated by experts.

Qualifications Admission Requirements Each candidate has to have successfully completed the module "Research Greenhouse" before starting writing the Master's Thesis. Literature The literature depends on the chosen topic of specialisation. An individual literature review is necessary to complete the module.

project description master thesis in finance

For specific questions regarding the literature please contact your first or second advisor. Research Methods for Managers Third edition. Sage Publications Saunders, M. Prentice Hall, Harlow White, B. For Business and Management Students.

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Quantitative Methods for Finance. A Research and Writing Guide. West Publishing Exam Modalities The complete master thesis has to be handed in at the Central Services Desk before or at the agreed submission deadline, which is 1. The first and second advisors propose the grade of the master thesis work and create a detailed grading sheet.Master’s degree final project.

The RD/ of 29 October, amended by RD / of 2 July, establishing the management of official university studies in Spain, indicates that studies leading to obtaining a Master’s degree shall conclude with the development and defence of a Master’s Final Project .

MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBAM) Introduction This. MBA. program. is. recommended. to.

Master’s degree final project

the. thesis or project statement PandaTip: Your thesis statement presents the argument you will make in your thesis/dissertation or asserts the specific question you will be asking or investigating with your research. May 24,  · If a master's degree candidate needs to select a thesis topic, but their advisor is unwilling to offer suggestions on the matter, how should one go about selecting a thesis.

Master’s˜ Thesis˜ 4.˜ TITLE˜ AND˜ SUBTITLE: ˜ ˜ Evaluation˜ of˜ Fraud˜ Detection˜ Data Mining˜ Used˜ in˜ the˜ Auditing˜ Process˜ of˜ the˜ Defense˜ Finance˜ and˜ Accounting˜.

Project description Financial Statement Analysis Outline of Individual Project Obtain approval from your instructor for a company that you will analyze for this project.

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