Recruiting and selecting sales personnel

It is a procedure of matching organizational requirements with the skills and qualifications of people.

Recruiting and selecting sales personnel

How Much and What's Fair?

This presents a challenge to sales executives who direct teams of salespeople. An analysis of several sales organizations reached the conclusion that about half of the people in the study lacked the behavioral characteristics required to effectively perform the duties that sales jobs call for.

They should never have been hired for sales positions in the first place. Changing this ratio is the key to improvement. It also predicts on-the-job performance in seven common critical sales behaviors: The Profiles Sales Indicator can be customized by company, sales position, department, manager, geography, or any combination of these factors.

Empirical data can be used to develop a pattern that will tell you how well a job candidate matches your successful salespeople.


The Profiles Sales Indicator is easy to use. It can be taken in just minutes and produces clear, readable reports that are direct and to the point.

These reports can be used for selecting, managing, and training salespeople more effectively. This tool provides objective data for developing a more effective sales team, one person at a time.

If you would like more information on Sales People Selectionplease contact us or call us, we would love to talk to you.Researchers agree that the best way to hire and keep top talent is to create a company culture where the best employees want to work, a culture in which people are treated with respect and.

Recruiters Can Source, But Sourcers Can’t Recruit?

A Guide to Hiring the Best Talent. The most important aspect of any business is recruiting, selecting, and retaining top people. Research shows that those organizations that spend more time recruiting high-caliber people earn 22% higher return to shareholders than their industry peers.

The recruitment and selection of sales personnel varies from company to company depending on the type of sales personnel which the company is going to need.

When it comes to hiring sales personnel in an organisation, one important aspect that you need to have in mind is that sales require teamwork.

This retail store manager sample job description can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job.

Recruiting and selecting sales personnel

Maintains store staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees. operational, and personnel policies and procedures. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing.

Nature and Scope of Sales Management; Objectives and functions of Sales management; Prospecting for customers; Modes of sales presentation, Designing and delivering of sales presentation; Recruiting and selecting Sales Personnel – Methods and administering selection procedures;.

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