Unit 8 business planning coursework wsistudents

Objectives and Action Plan Purpose Your business objectives are meant to help you run your business profitably.

Unit 8 business planning coursework wsistudents

Schedule your business year The ingredients for a successful plan will be similar for most designer-makers. Printed Textile designer Zeena Shah has been trading for nearly two years and plans her year around her collections.

This year we did a trade show in January too, so there was no rest for us over the holidays. The making for that takes place throughout February, so that the publicity images can be taken by the end of March.

Value your research Good research creates opportunities, so make time to understand the benefits of different research.

Some crafts have high outlay costs like buying precious metals and if you choose to stock in galleries, you may be waiting 30 days before any payment comes through. Understand your timelines Being aware of timelines is incredibly important.

If your product is being manufactured i.

unit 8 business planning coursework wsistudents

Being aware of timelines is incredibly important. Depending on your product, you need to know what time of year buyers make their decisions and whether there are events specific to your discipline or geographic location.

Learn to juggle your workload Maker-designers often have a main discipline and several smaller strands. Each of these needs to be managed properly. Times when you are juggling too many tasks and other periods that are quiet.

Just keep your business plan live so that you can adapt it when necessary. Observe and record Throughout the year, record your sales, your activities and your observations: This helps you focus.

Zeena confesses, "I have a huge wall chart in the office and I also have a calendar at home, on my computer and phone that all sync up so I can keep regular track of my progress. Get help and delegate tasks There are always some tasks that can be delegated to other people.

Doing so allows you to get on with other parts of the business.

unit 8 business planning coursework wsistudents

Some makers outsource a portion of the making, while others get help at certain times of the year. Zeena reveals, "I have a couple of helpers and interns, though long term I would like to get a member of staff.

At the moment I am happy to train up people to do the printing. As an alumni of the University of Arts I can still use their resources too.

Beatrice explains, "Maker-designers can feel guilty about spending time visiting exhibitions or going on research trips.

Yet the act of making lies at the heart of their practice. As well as designing, allow enough time to make. You need to know what content needs to be amended, who is physically going to do the work and how long will it take.

Keep an eye on the future Approach the future by having short, medium and long-term goals.

Section Three: Objectives and Action Plan | Community Futures Peace Liard

In the short-term, have a main focus for each year. One year this may be to get a new product into the UK market, while the next year could be focussing on it going international. Approach the future by having short, medium and long-term goals. Two years into her original three-year business plan, she is now focussing on her five year goals.

But in order to grow the business, I need to put that first. Thinking ahead to long-term goals, remember to factor in your private life. Although you may want to keep it separate, changes in your personal life will affect your business, no more so than if you have children.

Unlike working for a private company or organisation that will give your entitlement to maternity or paternity leave, when you are self-employed, you make your own choices for how much time you take off from working. Making, designing and being a business person should be regarded as a whole.  BTEC Level 2 -  Business  course specification.

Unit 1 -  Enterprise in the business world.

Doing Business with Mr Thompson: Unit 8 - P6 Produce a realistic personal career development plan

This section of the current Business Continuity Plan is used to describe the Business Unit(s) that will be recovered by following this plan and what recovery actions will be performed in response to a business interruption.

About this Unit In this unit, you will investigate the use of a range of business communication and information systems, both paper-based and electronic, in order to plan and administrate a range of business activities.   BTEC Level 2 -  Business  course specification.

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Management Chapter 8. STUDY. The organizational plan that results from the planning process details the goals and specifies how managers will attain those goals. Strategy. business unit that has its own set of managers and departments and competes in a distinct industry.

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